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NightShade Theme running on AltBBS

Notes About This Theme

This theme uses no Tables for the main layout. The only tables currently in use are for the Who's Online when displayed at the right and the Stats display. All other layout features employ only CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Although not exact, the layout remains extremely close between all major browsers tested:

  • Working
    • Firefox 1.5 (Win32)
    • Mozilla 1.7.12 (Win32)
    • Opera 8.51 (Win32)
    • Firefox 1.0.7 (Linux)
    • Konquerer 3.4.3 (Linux)
  • Working but with issues1
    • Internet Explorer 6.0.29
    • Internet Explorer 7.0.5296.0 (Beta 2 Preview)

Of all the tested browsers, only Internet Explorer caused major headaches due to Microsoft not adhering to technical standards for web design. It took major "hacks" to get Internet Explorer to look the sames as all the other browsers tested.

I do need testing and reporting on Internet Explorer versions prior to v6 and Safari

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1If a table is used in the center section and has a width of 100% or if a smaller width is used and the browser window is too small, Internet Explorer completely messes up the layout putting a huge blank section at the top matching the height of the tallest element to either side. So far this is the only browser to be affected due to non-standards compliance. All other browsers render it correctly. Of interest, it took a different set of "hacks" to get IE7 to behave. However IE7 is slightly better behaved than prior versions.

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